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Ah, one last meal with meat before our church starts a 21 day daniel fast tomorrow. Image is loading vintagegreenstampcollectionsamphsaver. I always felt like i wanted to own my own company if i could. Green stamps were offered in certain regions beginning in 1896 but they were most widely distributed in the u. Big bonus stamps historic houston haif houstons leading. There were 450 redemption stores and over 60,000 merchants who gave out the green stamps. In 1851, morse s telegraphic design was adopted as the standard in europe as well. See more ideas about stamp, green, childhood memories. I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Lewis wholesale grocery group in bakersfield, california in the early to mid 20th century.

Rare orange premium stamps in books collectors weekly. That same year they started the green stamp program. Fill in all the squares with your stamps and get a pearl necklace for mother. Etsy your place to buy and sell all things handmade. It took some convincing to get my parents to foot the bill. The trading stamp is a unique promotional device used primarily by. There are no retail prices listed just the comparable amounts of book totals needed, but have many, many household name products in practically every category from sporting gear to dishes and glass to furniture and lamps, even clothes and jewelry. I liked blue chip stamps they had a chipmunk as their logo. So, if you have 50 total green stamps, they will be converted to 50 greenpoints. A shopper saved stamps received when purchasing food, filled the stamp books and turned them in for items. I imagine a lot of you reading this dont even know what a green stamp is so, consider this a lesson in 1970s history.

How is that for tryig to get people to curb or stop their smoking. The program involved the earning of stamps one could collect and then tradein for a variety. Details about 1969 chevron airport dealer vintage print ad. Maybe there s an electric frying pan in your future check out this story on. The minimum is less than 300 stampsin certainstates. Image is loading vintagegreenstampcollectionsamph saver. The orange premium stamps had very limited distribution and use. See more ideas about stamp, green and the good old days. Terror stamp bass butler bax bangeetar guitar preeq the amp detonator aby. Compact and lightweight only 29 lbs, the sun joe mj401e is a lean, mean and green mowing machine that gets your yard chore done without polluting the. We convert green stamps to greenpoints using a one to one ratio.

Drug slang definitions baxter county sheriffs office. United states postage stamps of the 20th century, part 1. For the most part, trading stamps have been relegated to. The starting point was a uke that we paid for with three books of green stamps. They hired up to about 1,200 or 1,300 people at one time.

The 21st century version is called greenpoints, and registration is free. Vintage 50 s sandh green stamps side porcelain sign rare dead mint museum qual. During the 1960s, the company promoted its rewards catalog as being the largest publication in the united states and. Out of gas signs have cropped up all over the portland area since the start of the fuel shortage 061973 4271653593. Johns county, in partnership with united way of st. Uscis to continue to issue adit stamp, 102104 pdf, 122 kb share this page. Uscis to continue to issue adit stamp, 102104 uscis. I remember getting to lick the stamps to put in the book. Us stamps prices scott catalog 128 1875 12c pictorial re. Morse sent the first message, what hath god wrought, a quote from the book of numbers in the bible. Spink shreves galleries, jul 2015, sale 151, lot 71. During the 1960s, the rewards catalog printed by the company.

I played it day and night for several weeks and my parents realized that i was seriously interested. The company started operations in 1896 and flourished from the 1930s through the 1960s. Commercial telegraphy took off in america after that. We kids always wanted to have a say in what the reward was, but we always picked something. If you still have boxes of green stamps tucked away in your attic, here s good news. Loved sticking them in the books and then looking through the catalog picking my next toy or maybe a awesome household item w was like christmas. I remember pasting the stamps in the books and my mom would give each of kids one or two books. Book is unique as on the inside of the book it is marked 1959 and on the back cover 1960, there are no green stamps in the book, its completely. We got most of our green stamps from the grocery store. But i do remember gluing the stamps into the little book thingys when i was a kid. Included is the book in which a shopper saved the green stamps. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like. Barely surviving over the subsequent two decades, the company was purchased in 1999 by walter beinecke, the greatgrandson of original cofounder thomas sperry. Augustine amphitheatre and ponte vedra concert hall will hold two rock the.

Do any of you have an old book of green stamps tucked away in. The idea was to paste them in special green stamp books, which could be redeemed for merchandise at the company s redemption centers. To get in the playoff, rankin eagled the 72nd hole. But then, as early as 1980, green stamps were over. The orange premium stamps were pretty much only seen in southern california and. Anyway, ive got an old green stamp catalog from 1975 and thought id share it with you for posterity s sake. Though trading stamp catalogs time capsules of common consumer goods are quite desirable, the stamps and saver books are a bit more problematic. It was played at the memorial golf course in 1972 and the westwood country club in houston, texas in 1973 and 1974 judy rankin won the 1972 tournament on the first hole of a suddendeath playoff with kathy whitworth.

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